Alleged Non-Paying Mag Publisher’s PR Team Can’t Spell

Remember the story we broke in January about how Overtime owed thousands of dollars to freelancers, writers and vendors? (We do, as it consumed our lives for the better part of a week.) Looks like Ryan McNeil, the magazine’s publisher, is back giving interviews just in time for the NFL Draft. In a priceless email obtained by FishbowlNY, a PR flack writes that the former NFL Pro Bowler “will be in NY fridy and is availble for all interviews.” The email’s below. We left the spelling intact.

Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 4:28 AM
Subject: Interviewing Ryan Mcneil about postioning oneself for life after football by learning good business strategies on friday in ny?

With the Nfl Draft on Sarurday, Ryan Mcneil would make greatguest/interview on friday to talk about what players are gong through at the nfl draft and how they should think about starting to positon themselves for life after football or other major sports. He will be in NY fridy and is availble for all interviews.

All athletes need to know they have the power and potential to be successful in business.

Ryan won a nationl chmpionship at miami and was pro bowler in the nfl. Was a 10 year veteran cornerback/safety. There’s a need or NFL players to secure their futures by learning good business strategies. And McNeil happens to run a company that does just that. From day one, I’ve looked at this game as a business to prepare for life after football

So to recap, if you’re looking to interview a former NFL player who may or may not pay his employees and whose PR team may or may not be able to spell, McNeil’s your man.