Alleged Killer Mom Has Mixed Comments On Facebook

The Facebook page of a 16-year-old teen who has been accused of killing her infant has overflowed with either wishes of support or death for the young mom.

The Facebook page of a 16-year-old teen accused of killing her infant has overflowed with either wishes of support or death for the young mom.

Rebecca Blackmore, who lives on Knotts Island, North Carolina, went to a nearby hospital emergency room to report the fact that her infant had died after she gave birth on June 17.

The young mom told hospital officials that she had left the child’s corpse in a closet at her home. After police were summoned, Blackmore led them to the closet where she had placed the infant.

A Greenville medical examiner, upon conducting an autopsy determined, that the infant had died as the result of multiple stab wounds, according to ABC News.

Blackmore was a high school student whose now temporarily disabled Facebook profile listed that she works for the fast food drive-thru chain Sonic; she’d also posted loving comments about friends and family.

Throughout her profile there are continuous heartfelt postings about her year-long plus relationship with boyfriend Michael Derosier: “It’s been more than a year, and I still find myself loving you more and more everyday.”

Blackmore just seems like a caring and typical teenager with hopes, dreams and plenty of love in her heart.

Yet ironically, the teen lives in a state with a safe haven law that has been enacted as an incentive for mothers in crisis to safely relinquish their babies to designated locations where the children are protected and provided with medical care until a permanent home is found.

Safe haven laws generally allow the parent, or an agent of the parent, to remain anonymous and to be shielded from prosecution for abandonment or neglect in exchange for surrendering the baby to a safe haven.

To date, approximately 49 states and Puerto Rico have enacted safe haven legislation. These kinds of laws were put in place as a safe alternative for young moms like Blackmore, who might find themselves in desperate situations.

Now, sadly, Blackmore stands accused of killing her own infant child and a first-degree murder charge. She is being held on a $500,000 bond and must appear before a judge on Monday.

Meanwhile Blackmore’s boyfriend has not been charged with any crimes in connection to this case.

Do you think the comments on Blackmore’s Facebook profile should be used as character evidence in her case?