Allbritton Plans to Nix Most Names From Politico Print Masthead

Employees at Politico may not be thrilled in coming weeks to see their names removed from the print edition masthead. No reason has been given. But the order has come from “upstairs”,  meaning Allbritton management has issued the orders and the names are scheduled to be removed in the redesign. The names of about 10 top editors will remain.

We know reporters have thankless jobs, but this thankless?  Guess there’s always next year at Politico’s fifth birthday party when some lucky soul will be voted as most enjoyable to work with at the publication. Last year, as a party game, attendees were asked to write a name down on a card and the winner was announced. Unless, of course, they’re planning a new game like Pin the Tale on the Donkey.

Editor-in-Chief John Harris told FishbowlDC  that while the publication is trimming its masthead in print, they are keeping an unabridged version online. “When POLITICO launched, there were less than three dozen people on both the news and business sides. So we just listed every employee in the company on the masthead,” he wrote. “Now that list of people has grown to be nearly 20o, the type was having to get smaller to accommodate more names and it was becoming a chore for the print team to have to constantly update the list. This wasn’t practical. So we are moving to a print masthead more in keeping with what newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post do—listing the names and titles of senior people, but not providing a staff directory in each print edition.”