“Allbritton Makes Case To Shield The Politico”

From Broadcast Newsroom:

    Allbritton Communications said in a recent meeting with Federal Communications Commission officials that its ownership of The Politico newspaper isn’t a violation of a media cross-ownership rule that the agency could be just a few weeks from repealing in whole or in part.

    Allbritton owns the ABC affiliate WJLA-TV in the Washington, D.C. market. …

    In 1975, the FCC banned the common ownership of a TV station and a newspaper in the same local market. In a Nov. 5 meeting, a top Allbritton executive told FCC officials that the WJLA-Politico combination fell outside the rule because The Politico is a “specialized” newspaper “currently published three days per week” while the FCC rule pertained to “newspapers of general circulation.”

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