All You Wanted to Know About NYT Buyouts

nytlogo153x23.gifWe’re hearing that The New York Times health care reporter Milt Freudenheim and science writer John Noble Wilford will take buyouts but will continue writing for the paper. Both men are longtime NYT vets. Our tipster also reports that five copy editors will be allowed to leave, but many more applied for buyouts.

Times spokeswoman Diane McNulty declined to comment, writing in an email, “We don’t comment on buyouts during the process.”

Finally, Pulitzer Prize-winner David Cay Johnston‘s newsroom sendoff is tomorrow. He emailed FishbowlNY with future plans: “I plan to write more serious books, as well as magazine articles, about the reality of our economy and the unreality of our political rhetoric, developing them in tandem with documentaries. There’s more, with announcements to come once the deals are sealed.”

Let us know if you hear anything