All You Need to Know About Apple vs Samsung in 97 Seconds

Have you been following the many lawsuits filed by Apple and Samsung? I for one have heard this so many times that I have started to tune it out, and that’s why I’m glad I found this refresher video earlier today.

This video was posted a couple weeks ago by as part of their Minute MBA program, is an ongoing series of videos which summarize key topics.

From entrepreneurship to the Federal Reserve, even a ‘how-to’ guide on money laundering (hypothetical, of course), Minute MBA is here to enhance the knowledge of our audience, through visual experiences that are memorable and life-changing. However, we do not condone money laundering, because that’s bad.

This video, though, is an example of how important nuances can be lost. That 1,000,000,000 fine levied against Samsung is probably not going to stand up. There are any number of problems with the jury decision, including the fact that the jury foreman has already admitted that they did not follow the instructions completely.

via Mashable