All Users Transferred to New Facebook Design By Next Week

Tonight Facebook posted an update to the Facebook developer blog which said the new API would be transferred from to What does this mean? It means the old API will no longer be accessible. It also means that Facebook is moving over the last users over to the new design. The process has taken longer than expected.

The backlash has been significant but still somewhat limited when keeping everything in perspective. Over 2.5 million people have joined one group protesting the new design. There are over 100 million users though and even while adding up all the users joining protest groups, it still amounts to around 10 percent. So if you are a developer, it’s time to shift over all your APIs to the new design.

If you are a user there’s not much that you need to be prepared for other than not being able to shift back to the old design. The new design is just about final and for those that aren’t happy with it, there isn’t much you can do. Just get used to the new design! As for all those developers that have been punished by the new design? They have to hope that users learn the new design and can find their way back to their favorite applications.

Are you prepared for the final shift? Do you have any concerns regarding the new design?