All Things frog: A New Harmut Esslinger Book and an iPhone App


If you’re a fan of the firm frog design (and why wouldn’t you be?), you’ll appreciate this period of time we’re currently in in particular, as it marks two new frog things. First, the founder of the influential company, Harmut Esslinger, has come out with a book entitled A Fine Line: How Design Strategies Are Shaping the Future of Business. Based off this review in Business Week, the book sounds like a fairly standard read for business-y types, filled with lots of case studies and how to get your teams thinking and functioning better. But as incentive, you’ll also treated to lots of insider-y talk on Apple, who Esslinger famously spent a good deal of time working with. On the more fun side, but coincidentally still Apple-related, frog has launched their first iPhone app, Postcard Express, which basically just helps you create and email postcards. Like this write-up about the app over at Tuaw says, it “definitely doesn’t break new ground,” which we’d probably agree with, but it’s still kind of nifty to see the fun side of frog. Now where’s your goofy app, Pentagram? Hmmm? And you IDEO? Oh, wait, scratch that last one.