All Things Digital for iPhone: Nice, But Do We Really Need A Bazillion iPhone News Apps?

Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher run and write for the influential All Things Digital tech news and commentary website. The site’s contents are now available on the iPhone through the free…

All Things Digital

…app. This app will probably be pretty hand for tech news junkies next week when the All Things Digital “D” conference takes place and tons of breaking stories emerge from there.

However, I’m beginning to have a problem with the proliferation of iPhone news apps. The first couple of apps like the ones from USA Today and Bloomberg were interesting and useful at the time because they were new and provide good navigation within the content provider’s domain. Since then, however, web designers have become very very good at designing and delivering content in attractive and easy to navigate web sites specifically formatted for the iPhone.

I’ve got 9 nearly filled app pages on my iPhone. Every app I install needs careful consideration today since it means that another app may have to be removed to make room for it. That is the reason I have never liked the dedicated ebook apps where one app contained one book. I’m starting to get the same feeling about dedicated news apps although not quite so strongly.