All The Tweaks Are In

Alright. FishbowlDC’s Hottest Media Types, as far as we can tell, is finalized and perfected, having incorporated all of the necessary edits we saw after the fact (improved pictures, left one person out by mistake, moved on airs to off airs and off airs to on airs, viewable results, etc., etc.).

Done and done.

Now get voting.

>UPDATE (4:09pm): The unbelievably early, way too early to call leaders thus far:

Hottest Female, Off Air: Liz Gorman

Hottest Female, On Air: Norah O’Donnell

Hottest Male, Off Air: Josh Gross

Hottest Male, On Air: John Hendren

(And not to worry: We will return to your regularly scheduled FishbowlDC program and media coverage tomorrow…With Hotness Updates throughout, obvi)