All The Paper, No News

Like the dead-tree edition of your favorite paper so much that you’d take the paper over the news?

That appears to be the goal behind the Star Tribune’s “StribExpress,” launching this Sunday.

StribExpress is a stripped-down version of the Sunday paper. It contains, according to MinnPost’s David Brauer, “all the Sunday ads plus six pages of ‘the best features content from the Star Tribune,’ according to a media release.”

The Star Tribune will still put out the regular Sunday paper, of course, but StribExpress is free, and because the readers will have opted in via mail or telephone, the company can count the papers as verified circulation (though it won’t be “lumped in with the ‘main’ Sunday paper,” Brauer writes.)

Back when the Internet was young, there was a web service called, short for CReAte Your Own Newspaper. (Okay, so the acronym was a little forced. Tell it to them.) Crayon’s slogan was something along the lines of “All the news, no paper!”

This Strib project seems to be the exact opposite.

However, as Brauer says, providing a new way for advertisers to reach readers is “good thing if advertisers still want to use a news organization to get their messages out. (After all, plenty of advertising alternatives have no news-gathering to subsidize.)” And the product seems to be well-received so far, at least according to a couple blog postings: “Can you imagine? FREE coupons?”