All the News That’s Fit to Put on the Web

Reuters, bastions of all things news, just made it easier to add its reports to your Web page. Using an API (that would be application programming interface, duh) developers can easily build applications to use Reuters news or add it to their already existing aps.

Over at Mashable, Kristen Nicole thinks this model makes sense. “What’s good about such an offering is that it is a major step towards freeing up information to an even larger extent, by offering it up to the developer community,” she writes. “With this, Reuters is hoping to extend its distribution, gain some additional access to more audiences through the developer community, and really take on current technology as means for achieving these goals.”

Since the future of Reuters lies in increased digital revenue — its competitor, the Associated Press, just went mobile and receives only 28 percent of its money from newspapers — we have to agree with Nicole.