‘All The Minutes’ Gathers Your Timed Twitter Updates

Twitter project "All the Minutes" tracks your timed Twitter updates in the most hypnotic way possible.


There are lots of great data visualizations, databases and art based on our Twitter updates. The latest is a novel of sorts — crowd-sourced from updates that follow the “It’s [TIME OF DAY] and I…”

It’s called “All the Minutes,” created by  Jonathan Puckey. It works because you or your friends tweet like this and the hypnotic clock ticking in the background only makes it easier to stare. When you go to the website, you get stuck in a minute by minute time warp — tweets are sometimes really old, but they all have the same time. People haven’t eaten all day, are already annoyed, haven’t bought one thing, consumed a cup of coffee, the sun is already up. All of your grievances are aired. From a Fast Company article on the project:

For Puckey, the idea of building a “novel” out of the Twitter bot’s stream was the result of a happy coincidence. When the team caught wind of NaNoGenMo, the National Novel Generation Month, a event organized by the developer Darius Kazemi that’s timed to coincide with November’s National Novel Writing Month, they decided to jump in. All The Minutes doesn’t actually hit NaNoGenMo’s goal of 50,000 words: It currently clocks in somewhere around a more novella-like 20,000 words.

Puckey says:

We are obsessed with how people use new technologies to communicate with each other. We can easily spend hours trying out different search queries, looking for patterns on the strategies people use to talk to their followers. It’s interesting to us that these days people choose to speak about exact minutes in relation to their lives — almost as if they could be doing something different every minute.

I dare you to start reading the updates and not become entranced.