All Music Sucks This Time of Year

KEarth--gallery-msg-116521001323.jpg… it either makes you want to kill yourself out of loneliness or else it doesn’t pertain to you at all (Overheard at the Starbucks on Pico and Robertson: “I’ve asked them, please, at just this Starbucks not to play the Christmas music.”)

But Mike at Franklin Ave. un(K)Earthed a new level of suck: KRTH 101 has replaced its normal holiday play list of Elvis, Sinatra and Crosby with Air Supply and Kenny Loggins.

Mike guesses that the switch came with Jhani Kaye, the former KOST/KBIG program director who moved over to K-Earth earlier this year.

Discerning KRTH listeners have started a blog — though so far, it seems as though only one person has posted to it — demanding that KRTH return to the Sounds of Christmas Past. If this is important to you, make some noise. If not, meet us at the Starbucks on Pico and Robertson. And bring your iPod.