Not That Kind of MSNBC Spin

This reporter also gets paid to teach spin

We can well imagine how a Right-leaning Twitter user might read the following Twitter bio juxtaposition.

Truth be told, we did a double take upon alighting today on Aliyah Frumin‘s personal feed after she kindly tweeted out a FishbowlNY item. But no – she does not sideline instruct corporate, individual and other entities how to craft a media message. Rather, the “spin” reference is all about stationary bikes:

Burner10961: Aliyah has a positive energy that makes her class fly by. Her classes are challenging and she pushes her students just hard enough. She changes it up from song to song and week to week, and she really makes an effort to connect with each and everyone member of the class. Her music selection is awesome and matches the drills perfectly.  It’s no wonder her classes are always packed!  I’ve taken a lot of spin classes and Aliyah’s is my favorite – a great workout and a ton of fun!

It’s not every reporter that can decipher national politics and meet the high expectations of the spinning masses. And if one day the subject of this recent Frumin piece decides to take one of her classes, all that we ask is that she give us advance notice.

Prior to joining as a political reporter, Frumin was with the New York Daily News and New Jersey Star-Ledger.

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