Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez Makes An Ass of Herself. Again.

dahater.jpgAlisa Valdes-Rodriguez, the LAT writer made famous by her resignation letter and verbal scuffle with Cathy Seipp, has now written a young adult book called — appropriately — Haters, set in Aliso Niguel High School.

According to our spies, the book is filled with the kind of stereotypical schlock about the OC that you’d see on … well, The OC.

The real kids at the actual Aliso Niguel High School aren’t impressed.

The Orange County Register gives Alisa her say:

“It’s how vulgar pop culture has become. I’m sure I sound like an old lady, but some of this stuff is horrifying to me – the videos and the writhing female bodies everywhere. And there’s that pressure on girls to be model thin.”

But it only serves to make her look more foolish and prone to stereotypes. Maybe the biggest “Hater” here is her.