Alien Dalvik Virtual Machine Will Let Android Apps Run on Non-Android Devices (MeeGo)

Video courtesy of myriadgroupmarketing

Dalvik is an Open Source virtual machine (VM) for Google Android. Apps are converted to a Dalvik Executable for optimized execution in the relatively constrained resources of an Android device. Generally speaking, we see Android apps run only on Android devices. But, Myriad Group aims to change that notion.

Myriad Announces ‘Alien Dalvik’, Enables Android Apps to Run on Non-Android Phones

Their Alien Dalvik will let Android apps run on non-Android devices like the Nokia N900 which is based on Maemo (a Linux based mobile platform now merged into the MeeGo project). Myriad Group says that the Alien Dalvik will be available for MeeGo based devices later this year.