Alice Rawsthorn, Back With a Vengeance (or a design column…take your pick)


Back in February, when we had just officially taken over this here blog, one of the first stories we reported on was Alice Rawsthorn hitting the road after her stint as the Design Museum’s director. Then, because there were more news stories about such things, we of course moved on to Dean Sudjic taking over at the museum, what he was planning to do differently, and so on. We didn’t even bother to check up to see what had become of Alice. But then, today, our previously-non-existent question received an answer when we saw a post up on Dezain pointing to an interview in the International Herald Tribune with superstar bigshot Maarten Baas conducted by, you guessed it, Ms. Rawsthorn herself. Looked in their archives and there she was — a bunch. She’s be writing a stellar design column for the paper since May, now hitting at least once per week, often several times. Do yourself a favor and bookmark her name. You’ll love everything you read.