Alice Helps You Shop, Save Money

Don’t you hate it when you make a hamburger only to find out you’re out of ketchup!? Or worse yet. You pay a visit to the ceramic throne, only to discover that you are out of toilet paper?

I recently professed my love for CC Betty. Now it looks like I have another hottie on my hands with Alice…she even makes sure I’ll never run out of ketchup or toilet paper again!

The free service has you search and add your favorite products to virtual shelves. When the system thinks you’re getting close to running out of an item, you will receive a reminder. Alice will also share relevant coupons and discounts with you. Shipping directly to your front door is free, meaning no need to roll around a wobbly cart as you dodge seniors.

Here’s an example as how it works. Let’s say I’m shopping for GUM. Alice reveals that she currently carries 56 varieties and has 7 coupons available. When I locate the product I want (Orbitz Peppermint) I label it and select how many I want. I then tell the system when to remind me to order more.

Products can be sorted by brand, price, coupon availability, bargains and even if they are “green.”

There is a social networking element to the site too. In the “neighborhood” you can chat, make friends and share information about your favorite products.

The homepage will monitor how much money you have saved with coupons, how many products are in your cart, the average amount of money spent, your total # of shipments and the # of products Alice thinks it’s time for you to reorder. There are also recommended deals which relate to your product history.

If you have any doubt that Alice will help you pinch those pennies, just click on the site’s “Budgeting” tab. Here you will see a chart that compares average purchases with those made by the Alice community.