Alibi Personal Security App Launches on Google Play

Personal security app Alibi has officially launched on Android devices, giving users “a second set of eyes” during dangerous or otherwise “controversial” situations. The app runs in the background of a user’s device, constantly capturing and recording hour-long blocks of data, including audio, video and still photos, as well as the device’s location. These blocks are then flushed each hour, unless the user chooses to save the content.

When activating Alibi, users can customize the recording experience to record all possible data, or just a few sources (say, audio and the phone’s location). From there, the app automatically collects data and stores it to the phone’s cache. The app has been designed to not deplete one’s battery, and it runs without further interaction, in the background of the device.

If users are then involved in a dangerous or questionable situation, like a physical altercation, incident of bullying, or a car accident (as examples), the app can be used to provide proof of what actually occurred. Any saved data is moved to the phone’s local storage, and is compressed and hidden to avoid the possibility of a third party tampering with the content. Alibi promises to never personally store or share any data with any other party, ever.

Alibi is available to download for $0.99 on Google Play.