“Alias” and “Da Vinci” code: Bedeviled by the same conceit?

She doesn’t quite connect all the dots, but Salon.com‘s Laura Miller is onto something when she faults Milo Rambaldi, “that ’15th century genius’ whose prophecies and ‘master plan’ have long swamped ‘Alias’ like a fog of confusion and lassitude.”

Miller notes that “this fifth, last season managed to regain a little of the verve of the first two, even if the soap opera had become hopelessly clotted, but the necessary reintroduction of the whole Rambaldi palaver nearly sunk it again.”

Indeed, so too, with “Da Vinci Code” – a movie whose ties to a certain 15th century genius made it a total snooze, too.

We are hearby seconding Miller’s request for a ban on 15th century prophets, futurists, geometers, painters and inventors.

Got that? Hey! You act as though you’re not even listening to me, Hollywood.