Ali Floats Like a Feather, and Lois Stings Like a Bee (or at least writes about it)


Metropolis has just put up a nice short feature about uber-designer/art director George Lois, he the creator of the “I Want My MTV” and countless magazine covers, and his new book, “Ali Rap: Muhammad Ali, The First Champion of Rap.” We, personally, don’t know a whole ton about the sweet science, other than the few matches we’ve been to and had some fun at, but Ali is much larger than any sport itself and the book seems intent on displaying that through an amazing layout and an interesting read. Here’s some:

Lois happens to be a friend of Ali, boxing’s biggest talker. “I met him when he was twenty,” Lois says. He has since collected the fighter’s poems and aphorisms, which he illustrates in his signature high-impact Big Idea style in the new book Ali Rap: Muhammad Ali, the First Heavyweight Champion of Rap. From the constant stream of quotability that flows from Ali’s mouth, Lois has crafted a compelling story in words and pictures. Not that it was easy: “Of course he had a million funny quotes,” Lois says. “I had to be selective. I said to Taschen, ‘Look, you did this gigantic book on Ali (referring to the publisher’s GOAT: Greatest of All Time, which weighs 75 pounds and retails for $4,000) — it’s not a coffee-table book, it is a coffee table — and you didn’t nail his life down because you gotta be selective.'”