Daily News Beats Competitors to Cuddle Scoop

Oh boy… Where to begin.

For starters, the all-caps EXCLUSIVE Web headline for this New York Daily News article seems largely unnecessary. Without even Google-checking, we’re pretty sure no one else tried to beat the paper to this anti-Super Bowl week punch.


Secondly, the article seems to have mixed up info about a couple of male customers of Cuddle U NYC prominently featured in the accompanying photos. Both are 46; both are first-named David; both are IT specialists. Hmm. Sounds more like the same, single individual – Orr and Hunter last names notwithstanding.

Regardless of whether these David’s are in fact one or two, kudos to him/them for being willing to put their face(s) to Ms. Ali C.’s $80/hour Financial District hornets nest. (She also offers $200 cuddle-with-movie and $500 overnight options, but no one has purchased those yet.)

Finally, while there is a fair amount to choose from, this sentence gets our *hug* for best unintentional laugh:

A city Law Department spokesman said the agency wasn’t aware of any statutes on the books that govern cuddling.

De Blasio, get on it. If not, the next thing you know, these cuddlers will be winding down their sessions with giant sodas. Read the rest of the NYDN piece by Irving DeJohn… if you dare.

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