Alexis Tirado Is Alicia Keys’ New Head Blogger

After a long and public search, Alexis Tirado has been chosen to represent Alicia Keys on the singer’s website,

Tirado was chosen out of 8,500 applicants as THE blogger for IAAS (I Am A Superwoman), which will be, according to the release announcing Tirado’s selection, a “full scale, editorial site and community.”

“People have told me that dream jobs don’t exist but today I can defy that statement,” Tirado, a New Jersey native and former online editor for Martha Stewart, said in a statement. “As Langston Hughes once wrote, ‘Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.’ When Alicia Keys launched her search with for a head blogger, I read the job description and knew I had to apply for it! Blogging about inspiring people? Bringing positive news to Super Women everywhere? Initiating a powerful discussion? What’s not to love about this job?”

Proving that bloggers are rewarded for candor, Tirado was also the blogger who mentioned last month that she’d called in sick to her current job, partly due to the stress of applying to IAAS. Honesty will get you everywhere these days.