Alexandra Kerry Signed to Direct Film About Uptight and White Family–NOT a Documentary!

Alexandra Kerry.jpg

In the wake of Sharon Waxman’s NY Times piece about directors who make a big splash and then seem to float out of site, New York magazine reports that Alexandra Kerry has been signed to direct her first feature. She’ll direct The Hazards of Good Breeding, by Jessica Shattuck, who’s writing the screenplay, for Beacon. Kerry said she was “looking for a Wasp story” which is code for never dreaming she’d ever have to really do this. Or, maybe she meant a sequal to Antz? Wacky WASP families don’t spell big ticket sales, unless counterbalanced by outrageous but loveable ethnic types.

Waxman was referring to Kimberley Peirce, the director of Boys Don’t Cry, whose film Stop-Loss will be released this spring. Peirce has to wait seven years for a decent project but someone thinks Alexandra Kerry should direct something other than a vanity project? Why?