Alexander Graham Roope


Remember that thing that swept the techie and design world a little while back, that full-sized phone you could plug into your cell? It’s called Hulger, and the man who came up with it was Nicholas Roope. MoCo Loco has a terrific interview with him up right now that goes into the original so-simple-yet-so-clever idea, his other projects, and his troubles with Nokia over the original name (remember that Hulger was originally called “Pokia”). Here’s some from the beginning:

After its launch a few years ago, it soon turned out that Nicolas Roope was not the only one longing for a little anarchy in the streamlined landscape of high-tech mobile products and his first models sold as hot cakes on eBay. The buzz surrounding these new, strangely familiar, objects spread via the web to international lifestyle magazines and news media and today, Hulger is sold in stores throughout the world.

It all began as an artistic statement but within a few years Hulger has turned into a normal — well, almost normal — design product.