Alex Trebek Gives Away Answer On ‘Jeopardy’

Washington played host to several recordings of “Jeopardy” over the weekend at DAR Constitution Hall. Unfortunately we didn’t get into the round featuring D.C.’s hottest celeb Kareem Abdul Jabbar but we did get into the “Teen Tournament” round in which the host Alex Trebek flubbed the show by accidentally giving the answer to a set of clues before any of the contestants were able to try.

“Oh!” Trebek yelled when he realized he had given away the answer (Bethlehem). He joked that he hadn’t made a mistake like that in “a really long time.” Trebek stumbled to get back on track before the show’s producer stopped the recording. The “Jeopardy” crew took about 10 minutes figure out how to edit the flub out then picked back up.

You won’t see the mistake when the show airs later this summer…

During commercial breaks Trebek answered questions from people in the audience. Some things you might not have known about “Jeopardy”:

  1. Contestants can buzz in to answer only after Trebek has finished delivering a set of clues. If a contestant tries to buzz in sooner, his remote is temporarily locked.
  2. Contestants know for sure when they can buzz in with an answer by looking at little lights that flash on the clue screen.
  3. Two rounds are recorded with the same audience. After a round is complete, Trebek and the contestants change clothes to create the illusion that both rounds were shot on separate days.

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