Alex Pappas Leaves Daily Caller for Examiner

Alex Pappas is the reporter on the far right.

The Daily Caller newsroom is heavy hearted as news circulates about reporter Alex Pappas’ departure for the Washington Examiner where he’ll be covering local news.

“We’ll miss him,” said Spokeswoman Becca Glover Watkins in a note. A colleague lamented, “We lost one of the greats.”

Leaving The Daily Caller isn’t easy for Pappas. Find out why…

Friends, family and colleagues:

After an exciting election year at The Daily Caller, I wanted to make sure you’ve heard the news that I’ve accepted a new job at The Washington Examiner.

I’ll be covering local news there and am thrilled about the adventure of digging up stories in Prince George’s County, Md. and seeing my name in print again. I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll start after Christmas.

Leaving The Daily Caller will not be easy for me. I’ll always be thankful to Tucker and Neil for taking the chance with a kid from Mobile, Ala. and giving him his first job in Washington. I was with them when the site went live, and since then, they’ve let me cover everything I’ve ever wanted to write about. I’ve learned a lot from both about journalism and Washington in the process, and I’m truly thankful.

I also want to thank all of you who’ve helped me with countless stories by returning my constant emails and phone calls. Thank you for putting up with me. I hope we’ll continue to be in touch.

In due time, I’ll pass along my updated contact info, but until then, feel free to contact me at this email and at BLANK.

All best,

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