Interview With Alex Iskold Of Glue

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with Alex Iskold of Glue, the company behind a robust semantic social recommendation tool. As you will see in the video below, Glue is extremely effective at integrating social recommendations as you browse around the web. If you want to connect with your Facebook friends through the network, Glue is integrated with Facebook Connect.
The most impressive component of Glue is that it automatically integrates with sites from all over the web and no matter which site you are on, the system will parse out movies, music, restaurants, tv shows, and more without you having to do anything. Currently Glue runs on Firefox but the company plans on releasing an Internet Explorer version in the near future.

Glue also collects comments among your friends about specific objects. For example, say you wrote a comment about the movie Slumdog Millionaire while visiting its Wikipedia page. If a friend of yours viewed a page related to Slumdog Millionaire anywhere else on the internet, Glue will provide your friend with the comment you left. It doesn’t matter where you are on the web, it only matters what’s being discussed.
With over 30,000 users, Glue is beginning to gain substantial traction. I’m typically critical of a lot of the applications that I see but Glue is truly building an impressive app. Check out my interview with Alex Iskold in the video below.