Alex eReader Reviewed

Engadget posted a lengthy and thorough review of the new Alex eReader that just went on pre-order sale mid-March. “We’ve been incredibly intrigued by it,” says the tech blog about the reader. Comparied to the Nook, “the Alex has quite a few more tricks up its sleeve, including a full Android browser and the ability to extend what appears on the LCD to the E-Ink screen. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the unorthodox extras baked into the $399 Alex.”

Engadget likes the Alex a lot, overall. They say it’s a bit thicker than Kindle 2, but not bulky. They note that the controls are mostly in the LCD screen, and that they’re intuitive, which is more than one could say for other eReaders.

They even think the Web browsing experience is good, which is A LOT more than one could say for some eReaders: “the capacitive nature of the panel makes all the difference–it’s stupendously responsive and doesn’t require too firm of a press to make selections.”

Despite those pluses, however, the lack of 3G and the high price make Engadget want to wait for a 3G version and Borders’ eBook store before giving this product a thumbs up.

Did any of you buy one? Do you like it?

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