Alex Ben Block Defends the LA Press Club


Alex Ben Block responds to Jeffrey Wells’ comments about the LA Press Club at Hollywood Elsewhere).

ABB wrote:

Thanks for noticing Jeffrey. However, let me clear up a few things.

First I am an honorary board member of the Los Angeles Press Club, and no longer actively involved, but I do continue to support the club, its leadership and its goals as a nonprofit service organization. With corporate speak creeping into journalism, and bloggers muddying the waters abut what it all means to be a professional journalist, it is a time for those who believe the media is a profession to work together to uphold the highest standards.

The LA Press Club awards for 49 years have helped do that. All awards are judged independently by out of town press clubs. That is why the club is able to allow board members to participate. That way the journalist is not penalized for serving with no compensation, and doing the huge amount of work it takes to put on the awards, and to carry on all the other worthwhile programs and panels done each year.

And if you are curious about my story, judge for yourself. You can find it at

And congratulations Nikki. Sorry you couldn’t be at the Biltmore on Saturday night for what was a great evening for professional journalists. Hope to see you next year for the LA Press Club’s 50th annual Southern California Journalism Awards.

Regards Alex Ben Block”

The commenters at Hollywood Elsewhere seem rather uninterested in the voting process of the Press Club.