ALERT: Yet Another Video Spam Attack Hits Facebook

Wall posts saying "This video should have millions of views" are the work of a spammer, spreading as soon as you click on the play button.

Don’t click on any wall posts or news feed items saying “This video should have millions of views” unless you enjoy spamming all your friends on Facebook.

The words “OMG OMG see this video… WOW!” likely bear no resemblance to the actual writing style of the friend whose account spams out this posting to your wall. If you click on the video link, you’ll spam everyone else on your contact list with the same message that doesn’t sound like something you’d say either. Clicking on the play icon pops up the following window, courtesy of our friends at Most Viral Media:

If you complete the security check shown above, you’ll get to see a video that you might not think deserves millions of views. We know you’re curious to see it anyway, so only if you don’t mind Whitney Houston’s “And I Will Always Love You,” click here to see the footage on the spammer’s Facebook page.

We noticed that only 5,061 people “like” the video as of this writing, not the millions implied by the spam postings. Five grand is actually a lot considering how boring this footage is compared to others that have been spammed around.

Fortunately, we can’t see any kind of techie damage done by this spam campaign, so the whole thing appears to be someone’s desire for four minutes and five seconds of fame. That’s how long the video takes.

Readers, have you any idea about the origins of this video spam? What do you suppose this spammer had in mind?