ALERT: Watch Out For Scam Alternative To Sleeping Pill

This spam scam won't make you fall alseep with the promised video, but just might bore you to sleep with a typical hidden survey.

Insomniacs might feel tempted to click on today’s Facebook spam scam promising that 92 percent of people who watch a video will fall asleep.

Of course, no such footage exists. Clicking through a series of windows leads to the usual affiliate survey scam.

This particular spammer may have gotten inspired by statistics showing that some people use Facebook at or near bedtime.

Who else but someone who can’t fall asleep would bother clicking on this scam? The scheme could use better wording to that effect, because the current version appearing in news feeds makes little sense.

In order for the posters of these claims to be anything other than spamware, they’d all have to be among the eight percent who’d allegedly seen the video without falling asleep. And if they were in that minority, they’d probably still have something more relaxed to say than “OMG!”

We suspect this particular spam scam may have a slower clickthrough rate than others of this genre. So here’s what the application’s page looks like on Facebook — by the time you see the real version of it, your wall already bears the “OMG!” spam and your friends’ walls are getting the same treatment.

Clicking on the play button takes you to the old familiar permission request page. Click on that you you see a window like the one above. Of course, none of the five options lead to a real security-checking exercise, although some lead to offsite games that don’t work. Ultimately all paths go to the survey the spammer wants you to complete so said party could score a commission. Don’t do it!

Readers, have you seen this sleeper of a scam spam show up on any of your friends’ walls? Do you know where this particular campaign originated or whether anyone has reported it to Facebook yet?