WARNING: 'The President Is Finally Taking Charge!!'

Don't click any news feed or wall posts that talk about the President taking charge.

Whenever we encounter a Facebook security warning, we check to make sure the malady is active before sounding the alarm bell. And that’s how we came to find this oddity: What may well have been a phishing scam when Sophos sounded the alarm now leads to a statistics page at MIT, rather than a page designed to look like the social network — only the new destination appears to disallow us from taking a screenshot of said page.

This seems harmless compared to a phishing scheme, and therefore appears to be a problem solved, unless we’re missing something. Given that these posts were warned against so recently, it’s probably best not to click on any Facebook posts that look like the screengrab above.

In recent weeks, we’ve noticed a decline in security problems, and when they have occurred, Facebook appears to extinguish them faster. Redirecting traffic from a phishing web address to a server at MIT doesn’t seem like something that the social network would have done to squash a phisher, but rather looks like the work of a hacker.

Nonetheless, since the Sophos warning came out about an hour ago and Facebook members first began to share the alert, postings resembling the phishing campaign appear to have slowed down. Kudos to everyone who shares security updates with friends on the social network.

Readers, have you seen any posts in your friends’ news feeds that resemble the phishing campaign Sophos has warned about — or are you seeing more warnings from other users? And when was the last time you reported a security problem to Facebook?