[ALERT] Rogueware Scam Targeting Twitter Users

There is a small-scale scam going around Twitter right now, which PandaLabs Security thinks could be a sign of dubious things to come in 2011. We’ve got the type of tweets to be wary of, and how you can protect yourself from similar scams, below.

PandaLabs Security reports that fake Twitter accounts as well as real, hijacked accounts are spreading a link to rogueware under the guise of “anti-virus software”.

Avoid any tweet with the text: “a very good antivirus” and a link shortened by goo.gl. Pandalabs got a screenshot of some of the fake and hijacked accounts below:

Clicking on the link installs a nefarious piece of malware onto the user’s computer. It is designed to look like security or antivirus software, and “scans” the computer, highlighting several fake viruses detected. It then prompts the user to purchase the full version of the software to get rid of these viruses, which PandaLabs stresses you absolutely should not do.

These type of scams are going to grow over the next year according to the security firm.

To avoid them, only click on links that you trust. Use Twitter’s link preview – by hover your mouse over a link – to see where that shortened link is going to take you, and if the URL looks suspicious, avoid it.