ALERT: Photoshop Scam Spreading On Facebook

Watch out for the Photoshop scam currently spreading through Facebook.

Facebook Photoshop ScamWatch out for the Photoshop scam currently spreading through Facebook.

We haven’t been able to find any active scam links spreading because chat messages don’t show up in the search results on Facebook. However, we continue to hear that there are instant messages being sent around from users which say “hey, i just made a Photoshop of you.”

Once you click the link it brings you to a Facebook application which has figured out a security loophole. While you are viewing the application, it automatically goes and spams your friends’ via chat. Ultimately the scam appears harmless, something simply spreading for no real reason.

However, there’s a chance that this application is distributing malware, so you should check your application settings for applications you didn’t install yourself and remove them. In all likelihood, Facebook has removed the app causing the Photoshop chat messages, and fixed any corresponding security hole.

But if you see it pop up anywhere in your window, let Facebook security know. Readers, when was the last time you reported something suspicious to Facebook?