ALERT: Facebook Pages Unclaimed By 21 Of Top 50

Apparently, 21 of the top 50 companies have at least one unclaimed community page on Facebook.

Sound the alarm bells: 21 of the top 50 companies have at least one unclaimed community page.

So chimes AdAge columnist B.L. Ochman, in her second look at the Facebook strategies of Fortune 50 companies.

Facebook began allowing brands to claim community pages in the beginning of November, so marketing types have had half a year to stake out what’s rightfully theirs.

But the top 50 companies haven’t ignored opportunities to seek dibs on community pages, but have mostly prioritized ones with larger fan counts.

The unclaimed ones appear to have three-digit like counts, for the most part. However, any page not claimed could easily grow its fan base, especially when some kind of hot-button controversy arises.

Ochman points out a great example in Valero Energy’s unclaimed community page: all it would take is one oil spill for that microsite to become environmentalists’ go-to destination on Facebook, and then Valero would have a much harder time claiming the page.

Even without a controversy brewing, it can be difficult to claim a page. Claimants often need to submit proof of their entitlement to a particular brand name, and apparently the whole process has been taking longer of late — or so we’ve heard from readers who’ve written to us about this topic.

We’d love to revisit this topic a month from now, or even in six months, to see how many companies heed Ochman’s warning and claim their respective community pages.

Meanwhile, readers, we’d love to hear about your own experiences with community pages, your own and others you’ve encountered on Facebook.