ALERT: Facebook Chat Hijackings Continue To Spread

We're seeing lots of people warning about -- or apologizing after the fact for for -- chat hijackings.

We’re seeing lots of people warning about — or at least apologizing for — chat hijackings.

The latest one says “Hey, check out this girl, lol, she must be out of her mind for making that video!” and includes a shortened web address.

That URL leads to a Facebook page running an application called Congood. Clicking “allow” on the permission box leads to a page that flashes a picture of a woman’s back side for less than a second before popping up a menu of three different affiliate schemes.
Clicking on any of the three choices exposes you to malware and leads you down a path that earns the scammer a commission if you go through the whole exercise. Instead of wasting time playing the game, filling out a marketing survey or trying out customized profile layouts, close the window and go clean up your Facebook page — get rid of the application installed in your account, and delete any references to it in your news feed.
And the next time you feel tempted to check out a link you’re unsure about, try running it through the AVG scanner first, like our friends at Facecrooks suggest. Report all dubious-looking applications to Facebook security.
Readers, when was the last time you reported something fishy looking on the site?