ALERT: Don't Click On Who Has Deleted Ya Application

The newest piece of spamware circulating on Facebook may pique your curiosity, but try to resist clicking on any wall or newsfeed items sent via "Who Has Deleted Ya!"

Maybe it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy to call a piece of spamware “Who Has Deleted Ya!” An application promising to reveal who has unfriended you turns out to be the latest instance of spamware leading to a survey.

I’m still apologizing to all of my friends who received the following on their walls after curiosity got the better of me. I know my friends won’t repeat my mistake of clicking on one of these, because the writing in this wall post doesn’t look like my style at all.

Clicking on the newsfeed item brings up a larger version of the image you see above. If you then click on the blue button, the application begins spamming everyone on your contact list.

While that gets started, a window ask for proof that you’re human. Click on it and a tab in your browser opens to a website promising an iPhone 4 and iPad.

Notice that this one appears to make its terms more visible than usual. It says “participation required. Click for details.” That’s where you first find out what you’re in for — a survey and no guaranteed gift.

If you input your email and click on continue, you’ll get prompted to offer more information so that this application can try to get you to complete a survey.

If you do, that earns the spammer a commission, and only at the very end does the site clarify that you’re entered into a drawing for an iPhone 4 and iPad, not necessarily an actual winner.

What steps do you think Facebook should take about these kinds of scams? Do you think that posting gift offer rules more prominently than usual are enough to get the spammer off the hook?