A Young Adult Author’s Kentucky Lunch Derby

Once upon a time, while growing up in Kentucky, Alecia Whitaker (pictured) won a 4th Grade Soil Conservation Essay contest. She’s since made good on that promise and this coming Monday, after a weekend panel stop at the Southern Festival of Books in Tennessee, the Queens-based multi-hyphenate (and mother of two) will be back in Kentucky.

Whitaker is speaking at a pair of local middle schools. But in between, there will be lunch at Murray State University. Per a contest created by the author, one lucky student from each high school will be joining her for that repast:

To win the chance to skip school and have lunch with me, all you have to do is give me a great reason why you deserve it. Maybe your boyfriend-girlfriend just broke up with you. Maybe you’re a new kid in town. Maybe you woke up with a terrible zit on your nose and you’re dreading that moment in the cafeteria when you run into your crush!

Whatever your reason, get on social media and tell me why you want to have #LunchWithAwhit.

Bravo to Whitaker for maximizing the meal opportunity. And for urging her fans to do this if purchasing her July 2014 YA follow-up:

Alecia encourages readers to order their copy of Wildflower through their local bookstore. Anyone that buys local and emails a copy of their receipt to Alecia will receive an autographed bookplate.

Update (November 12):
Today, Whitaker was kind enough to tweet us a link to a follow-up article in the Murray Ledger and Times:

“I’d like to do more of these,” Whitaker said as she broke bread with CCMS eighth graders Jillian Smith and Hannah Dodd and MMS eighth grader Bethany Moore and seventh grader Kameryn Key. “It’s been really nice, just talking and getting to know them. It’s also nice to have breaks like this, where you can just relax and have them pick my brain, and I get to listen and think, ‘Hmmm, what would ‘Teen Me’ want to do with this?’”

H/T: Murray Ledger and Times