Alec Rawls Still Fighting the Flight 93 Memorial


Just this past week we were thinking about a story we covered last year around this time, the fight by a lone man, Alec Rawls, to change the design of the Flight 93 Memorial in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. We wondered what had happened since then and took a look. Turns out, Rawls is still at it and has spent the last year forcing the creation of advisory meetings, task forces, encouraged family members who lost someone in the crash to cry foul and requested research by professors of geospatial information sciences. He’s even written a book that is to come out soon, “Crescent of Betrayal,” which plays off the name of the memorial, “Crescent of Embrace.” He’s gotten his way in changing a few slight bits of Paul Murdoch’s original layout, but it looks like Rawls isn’t to get much more than that, as all of his theories and demands are no longer being reviewed and deemed nothing more than rants. To which we personally say, good riddance.