Alec Baldwin Teams With WNYC for Podcast

Emmy-winning actor Alec Baldwin will host a podcast for WNYC called Here’s the Thing.

The show, which launches Monday, October 24, gives Baldwin an opportunity to pursue his passions and interests through various conversations. Those conversations could include newsmakers, actors, and public figures who spark his fancy. 

“As someone who has been the subject of innumerable interviews, I wanted to conduct my own and do them the way I liked them: emphasizing the positive, the forward-looking,” said Baldwin. “And I wanted to do that show with WNYC.”

The first podcast features an interview with Michael Douglas and his battle with cancer.  Other guests in the coming weeks include political consultant Ed Rollins and Chris Rock discussing his Broadway debut.

New podcasts will be released every two weeks. The podcasts can be downloaded at or iTunes.

“Alec Baldwin is the quintessential New Yorker – curious, funny, direct,” said Dean Cappello, senior vice president, programming and chief creative officer, New York Public Radio.  “And that’s what he brings to every conversation in this series. This is a chance to hear the off-stage Alec in conversation with leading thinkers and entertainers. Here’s The Thing will be one of the essential podcasts people download.”

Baldwin already has a presence on the radio scene. Since 2009, he has hosted the national program The New York Philharmonic This Week, which airs in New York on Classical 105.9 FM WQXR; like WNYC, WQXR is part of New York Public Radio.