Columnist to Alec Baldwin: Silicon Valley Nerds ‘Would Adore You’

ShutterstockAlecHilariaBaldwinSince we recently highlighted Zócalo Public Square editor-columnist Joe Mathews’ angry cross-country diatribe about Jimmy Fallon, it seems only natural to give equal time to an open letter tied to the opposite, east-to-west direction.

Responding to Alec Baldwin‘s New York magazine essay, Mathews runs down the reasons why Los Angeles might not be the right relocation answer. He notes that this is no longer the LA of Annie Hall and warns that a lot of the NYC scourges mentioned by Baldwin such as TMZ, Shia LaBeouf and thoughtless TV executives are all in Lalaland as well.

Mathews thinks he has a much better potential destination for Baldwin: Silicon Valley. A house in Marin County, he argues, could be the perfect, tranquil fit:

The nerds up north would adore you. Google and Facebook engineers routinely drool over visiting celebrities. Valley venture capitalists have thrown money at celebrity entrepreneurs MC Hammer and Jessica Alba. Silicon Valley folks have touted Ashton Kutcher as a tech guru; imagine how warmly they might welcome someone like you, who can actually act.

Why do the nerds find it so hard to resist celebs? The answer is that Silicon Valley titans can become many things (rich, powerful, respected), but they will never be sexy, and they will never be Hollywood. We all overvalue what we don’t have.

It certainly worked for Sean Penn, who after various entanglements with LA paparazzi relocated with then-wife Robin Wright to northern California. As an added bonus, yoga classes and private sessions taught by Mrs. Alec Baldwin would seem to be a sure-fire Silicon Valley growth opportunity.

Mathews’ column and other Zócalo essays are currently syndicated to more than 120 outlets around the U.S. In addition to the LANG papers, other media partners include the San Francisco Chronicle, the Sacramento Bee, U-T San Diego,, USA Today and Gannett.

[Photo of Alec, Hilaria at November 2012 premiere of Rise of the Guardians: Serge Rocco/]

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