Alec Baldwin Despises The Washington Times

Actor Alec Baldwin fell for the easiest lure in the book last night during Super Tuesday coverage — Twitter baiting. The result? He says he hates TWT. But hey, at least he didn’t call the pub or TWT senior opinion writer Emily Miller a “a thoughtless little pig” like he did his daughter back in 2007. Miller remarked to FBDC, “Alec Baldwin needed to be shut down from his baseless attack on all political reporters. Since he thinks none of us ‘really matter’, I’d like to know what this actor brings to the public discourse that is so important.” Watch out, Alec. Consider yourself baited. Again.

ALEC: “The question is: Does any of this political press really matter? Conservative, liberal, any of it? Not much, really.”

EMILY:  “But actors do?” she wrote with a simple retweet of his message.

ALEC: “@EmilyMiller God, I can’t stand the Washington Times.”

EMILY: “Lord, I can’t stand leftists,” she shot back.