Albany Times-Union Readies Secret Layoff Lists

This story gets weirder and sadder every day. First publisher George Hearst insisted on a vote on a proposal that would have given the company the right to outsource any and all jobs and lay off whoever they want. When that proposal failed, predictably and miserably, the company declared negotiations at an impasse and started laying down the law.

Today we’ve learned from the Albany Guild that the company has produced a list of criteria under which it will determine who will be laid off, but won’t say who—or how many—are on the list.

The Guild believes that the criteria have to be negotiated before the company can start the clock ticking on the layoff deadline. Fine. But this is what really gets us:

The evaluation was an “18-page document that was riddled with typos, punctuation errors, missing words, and words in nonsense order.”

Sample question: “Arre the reporter’s language skills — spelling, grammar and vovabulary — sufficient?”

And the people who came up with this rubric are the ones deciding which reporters get to keep their jobs.