Caller Posing as Former Yankee Fools ESPN Radio Host

The scorecard for this media play is ugly, but here goes. All statistical information courtesy Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York.

Monday: A caller posing as former New York Yankee Shane Spencer gets on the air at ESPN 104.5 FM Albany with host Mike Lindsley. He proceeds to spread a whole bunch of further lies about steroid use on the team during Spencer’s time in pinstripes (1998-2002).

Tuesday: The podcast of the interview remains on the radio station website through Tuesday evening. As it is finally yanked, Spencer makes the media rounds, declaring his disgust at the impersonation. From the statement provided by Spencer to ESPN New York’s The Michael Kay Show:

“I am outraged that someone would do this and at the same time disappointed that the station believed it to be me despite not coming from the contact information they had for me.”

“I am hearing about this interview from friends, family, former teammates and fans. It is very disappointing that someone was able to go on the air as me and speak for me about these topics.”

Wednesday: The default slide on points to a story by Lindsley headlined “Shane Spencer Responds To Steroid Hoax, Clears His Name [AUDIO].” There is a full transcript of the call-in conversation with the real Spencer, and no mention of if-how the producer(s) responsible will be reprimanded.

All in all, for Spencer, a very opposite experience from last Wednesday when it was “Shane Spencer Bobbleheads Night” at Central New Jersey’s TD Bank Ballpark. Spencer is the hitting and third base coach for the Atlantic League’s Somerset Patriots.