Alarms at the President’s House

E&P has pulled together the transcript of yesterday’s White House press briefing where a decidely grumpy press corps pressed Scott McClellan on the government’s response to this week’s evacuations, and how the president could have been allowed to continue biking through it all:

Two choice excerpts:

Q: Might there be something wrong with protocols that render the president unnecessary when the alarm is going off at his house?

Q: Even on a personal level, did nobody here at the White House think that calling the president to say, by the way, your wife has been evacuated from the White House, we just want to let you know everything is OK?

McClellan’s answers are well worth enjoying too–if only because they illustrate how useless the press briefings are on a regular basis. There’s barely a usable quote anywhere in this exchange other than “The protocols that were put in place were followed, and I think they were followed well.”