A Pulitzer Prize-Nominated Journalist by Any Other Name

New York Times national correspondent Alan Schwarz gets whacked by a content box.

At the bottom of a recent interview in Minnesota’s Winona Daily News with New York Times national correspondent Alan Schwarz, there is the following:


As FishbowlNY can attest, these things happen. What happens less frequently, however, is the correction being incorrect (the paper mangled both Schwarz’s first and last name) and the “earlier version” of the story to which the correction refers still appearing above the correction.

WinonaDailyNewsInfoBoxMaking this just a little bit more painful is the fact that directly to the left of the delinquent content box (pictured) is this paragraph:

Schwarz often finds mistakes. Often times, they are small, like “someone forgot to carry the one,” he said, but other times they bring into question the premise of the study itself — like when the NFL tried to claim that the cognitive decline of professional football players was similar to that of the general public.

Schwarz, a finalist in 2011 for the Public Service Journalism Pulitzer Prize, was in Winona last week to participate in Winona State University’s Lyceum speaker series. Most famously when it comes to Winona and people’s names, the community inspired a couple of parents in nearby Olmstead County to name their daughter Winona Ryder.

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