Al Sharpton Plans to ‘Flip the Script’ on the National Media

New venture looks to criticize a critical media.

Before we discuss the PR problems his latest move may cause, let’s establish something: Al Sharpton has done more with his life than most people you will ever know.

The guy became an ordained minister, toured with “The Godmother of Gospel” Mahalia Jackson, got involved in the civil movement at age 20, ran for mayor, senator, and president, and marched with this guy named Martin Luther King, Jr.

Most recently, he endured enjoyed awful ratings as host of his own “PoliticsNation” show on MSNBC. Now, however, Sharpton has decided that he’s tired of being of the media, because he’d rather be a thorn in the media’s side:

According to Capital New York and the Instagram post from his spokesperson, Sharpton’s civil rights advocacy organization, the National Action Network, will launch a blog called “The Shift Daily.”

“For decades, reporters & now bloggers have been writing about [Sharpton and the National Action Network]. Now, NAN will flip the script and write about them.”

Get that: You can submit your work to Al Sharpton and (possibly) get it posted on an outlet seemingly created to challenge the media in general and unfriendly outlets in particular. PR people wonder if this means Sharpton will be directing some of this frustration toward…himself?

Stranger things have happened.

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