Al Roker Gets Himself in Hot Twatter

Thursday morning as Matt Lauer welcomed guests back to the Today show he mentioned that Al Roker had to leave early for jury duty.

And off Roker went, downtown to perform his civic duty. With his iPhone in hand, Tweeting as he went.

And that’s when the trouble started. The Daily News reports “Roker’s postings set the blogosphere atwitter and in no time his pictures of jurors – their faces mostly blurred – popped up on and other Web sites.”

Here are some of Al’s Tweets from yesterday morning.

I’m not breaking laws…just trying to share the experience of jury duty. One that I think is important and everyone should take part in

So everyone is clear, I am NOT taking pictures in the courtroom. I am in the jury lounge. So folks need to lighten up.

Therre (sic) is something very cool about being here

Must be a slow news day. Was stalked by video-razzi from TMZ and the NY POST because I posted a pic from the jury room on Twitter.

Whew. Learned a lesson. No, I repeat, no court personnel told me it was ok. Going back into the courtroom, iPhone buried deep in my bag.

And here’s one from this morning:

Well, citizens of the United States of Twitterville, it was a fun day yesterday, with jury duty and twitpicking when I shouldn’t. Now onward

David Bookstaver, chief spokesman for the court system tells the Daily News, “It came to my attention and I reached out to the chief jury clerk” who asked Roker to cease and desist.

While Bookstaver praised Roker for doing his civic duty, he said the Tweeting was “ill-advised” but not illegal.”

And despite being “stalked” by TMZ, Roker still gave a Tweet-out to the site/show and its chief.

I will say this: I am thrilled that is following me on Twitter. Harvey is THE legal eagle.